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Coban Sterile Self-Adherent Wrap by 3M - Singles

Coban Sterile Self-Adherent Wrap by 3M Features: A self-adherent elastic wrap that functions like a tape, but sticks only to itself. Available in sterile and nonsterile styles, and in a...
Orthopedic SuppliesTapes and Bandages

Athletic Tape For Finger

The Cramer 950 Athletic Tape For Finger provides tensile strength and conformability. A high-quality porous, 100% cotton tape at an affordable price. Product Specifications: •Zinc Oxide Tape. •Computer calibrated unwind...
$3.89 $2.40
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AC-tape Elastic Adhesive Tape by Hartmann-Conco Inc

Elastic Tape provides support, compression and fixation. All-cotton elasticity allows it to conform to every contour. Non-latex adhesive helps to reduce skin irritation and damage. Elasticity does not restrict movement...
$42.25 $28.56
Orthopedic SuppliesTapes and Bandages

Gelocast Unna Boot Dressing Non-sterile

Gelocast Unna Boot Dressing. Features: BSN Jobst Gelocast Unna Boot Dressing is a non-raveling gauze bandage that provides gradient compression therapy for the management of venous ulcers, various venous insufficiencies...
Orthopedic SuppliesTapes and Bandages

Hy-Tape Original Pink Tape

Original Pink Tape - Roll. Features: Washable. Leaves little or no residue after adhesive has been removed. Adheres to wet, oily or hairy skin. Conforms easily to all contours. Protective...
Orthopedic SuppliesTapes and Bandages

International Mt Protector-Sleeve by Medi-Tech

Latex free. Protects fragile skin against tears, scrapes, abrasions or bruises. Provides gentle compression and promotes warmth. Tubular sleeves are easy to apply and stay in place.Product Specifications:• Provides gentle...
Medi-Rip Non-Sterile Self-Adherent Compression Bandage, 3 inch x 5 yds - Case of 96 - EV25300000
Orthopedic SuppliesTapes and Bandages

Medi-Rip Non-Sterile Self-Adherent Compression Bandage by Hartmann

Medi-Rip Non-Sterile Self-Adherent Compression Bandage. Features: Medi-Rip is a superior, self-adherent elastic support and compression bandage. Woven of 99% cotton yarn, it is absorbent, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Medi-Ripdoes...
$655.30 $401.22
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Transpore Standard Hypoallergenic Porous Plastic Surgical Tape by 3M

Transpore Standard Hypoallergenic Porous Plastic Surgical Tape by 3M. Features: 3M Transpore Clear Porous Plastic Tape is conformable general purpose tape. Its bi-directional tear makes it easy to use when...
Orthopedic SuppliesTapes and Bandages

Velcro Matrix Elastic Bandage Roll

Velcro Matrix Elastic Bandage. Features: Matrix Elastic Bandages are our finest elastic bandages. Ideal for low compression situations, the polyester/cotton weave provides excellent elasticity and recoverability. Easy-to-use. Velcro closure at...