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AcupunctureAcupuncture Supplies

Acupuncture Ear Model

Acupuncture Ear Model. Features: Made of soft, flesh tone plastic with points numbered from 1 - 41. Chinese and English Code. Size: Each, Large Each, Small
$13.25 $8.62
AcupunctureAcupunture Needles

Cloud & Dragon Acupuncture Needles 32 G by CAI Industries Corp - Box of 100

Made of surgical-grade stainless steel.Disposable and sterile.Product Specifications:• Made of surgical-grade stainless steel• Disposable and sterile• 32G100 per Box SPECIAL ORDER ITEM which takes 2-4 weeks to ship
$13.25 $4.55
Sooji Chim Hand Needles, Box - LHA208
AcupunctureAcupunture Needles

DBC Sooji Chim Korean Hand Needles by Lhasa Oms Inc

DBC acupuncture needles are made with machine-controlled precision to ensure every needle is finished to the highest quality. The grinding and polishing processes are automatically controlled and have no human...
$7.25 $3.65
Splinter Forceps - LHA201
AcupunctureAcupuncture Supplies

Splinter Forcep Tweezer 4.5" by Lhasa Oms Inc

Tips are serrated and come to a point. Useful for handling acupuncture needles as well as removing splinters. Stainless steel.Product Specifications:• Serrated tips come to a point• Useful for picking...
$5.25 $2.95
Pyonex Press Tacks, Box - LHA194SML
AcupunctureAcupuncture Supplies

Pyonex Press Tacks Needles Small by Lhasa Oms Inc

Pyonex Press Tacks. Features: Used for both ear and body traditional Chinese medicine points. Surgical stainless steel. Contain a 2.8 mm diameter ring handle. Can be applied by hand or...
$37.58 $21.79
Tai-Chi 24K Gold Plated, Box - LHATCG25X40
AcupunctureAcupuncture Supplies

Tai-Chi 24K Gold Plated by Lhasa Oms Inc - Box of 100

High quality, painless, sterile disposable, gold plated, surgical stainless steel Chinese acupuncture needles with spiral wound gold plated copper handles. Needles are 24k carat gold plated, making them an ideal...
$19.45 $13.90
AcupunctureAcupunture Needles

Hwa-To Single Needles by Lhasa Oms Inc - Box of 100

Hwa-To Single Needles and other physical therapy supplies and equipment at Meyer Physical Therapy. Provide your patients with the best treatment experience possible with the Hwa-To Single Needles. Hwa-To Single...
$15.64 $8.00
AcupunctureAcupunture Needles

Tai-Chi Single Needles by Lhasa Oms Inc - Box of 100

Tai Chi Single Acupuncture Needles  by Tai-Chi Brand by superior quality traditional Chinese metal handle acupuncture needles, with insertion tubes. Product Specifications• Superior quality• Traditionally made• Metal• With insertion tubes•...
$9.84 $5.39
AcupunctureAcupunture Needles

SEIRIN J-15 Acupuncture Needles 15 mm by Lhasa Oms Inc

Perfect for facial, auricular, hand acupuncture, or wherever shallow needling is performed. Available in the thinnest gauges you can find (03, 02, 01, and 1). This 15 mm needle comes...
$22.35 $12.86