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Back and AbdominalFeatured Products

Current Solutions Double Pull Closures Back Belt by Roscoe Medical - Singles

Current Solutions Double Pull Closures Back Belt by Roscoe Medical. Features: Our new back belt gives maximum support with the double closures, flexible posterior stays and high quality workmanship. We...
$19.99 $12.99
Heel Pain and Plantar FasciitisOrthopedic Supplies

MDC Cork Heel Lifts by G & W Heel Lift Inc

MDC Cork Heel Lifts by G & W Heel Lift Inc Features: Suitable for use in fashion shoes, made with a lightweight cork. These inexpensive heel lifts are of comfortable...
$6.52 $4.26
Back and AbdominalChiropractics

CorFit Lumbosacral Back Brace Support by Core Products

The CorFit System is the best designed lumbosacral support on the market. That’s no exaggeration but simply a truism based on the high quality of its durable components and construction,...
$31.49 $20.00
Back and AbdominalOrthopedic Supplies

Body Sport Dorsal Vest

The Body Sport Dorsal Vest is designed to promote straight, painless posture.Product Specifications: • Crisscross elastic design gives added pull.• Full adjustable waistband.• Hook-and-loop fastener lasts for up to 10,000...
$28.99 $26.94

RockTape RockSauce Fire

Introduce your patients to the cooling and warming sensation of RockSauce Fire to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains associated with backaches, strains, sprains, or arthritis. Its combination of capsaicin...
$20.00 $12.00
Knee BracesOrthopedic Supplies

Clinic Knee Sleeve - Open Patella by DJ Orthopedics

The Clinic Knee Sleeve, Open Patella features a contoured design to provide superior compression and general support.Product Specifications: •Excellent uniform compression and support.•Single-sided nylon neoprene.
$23.25 $9.74
Back and AbdominalOrthopedic Supplies

Frank Stubbs Double Pull Lumbar-Sacro Support

The Double Pull Lumbar-Sacro Support is ideal for providing support and compression for strains, sprains of the low back and abdominal area. Product Specifications: • Premium all-elastic construction with compression...
$35.25 $21.84
Knee Brace Support, Universal Size by Roscoe Medical - BK5440
Knee BracesOrthopedic Supplies

Current Solutions Universal Knee Brace Support by Roscoe Medical

Knee Brace Support, Universal Size by Roscoe Medical. Features: Material: Neoprene and nylon. Easy to put on and take off. One size fits all. 10” long.   Singles.
$9.75 $9.45

RockTape Kinesiology Tape, 2 inch x 105' Roll - Singles

RockTape is a premium kinesiology tape with a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than industry standard. A tighter weave means enhanced support for working muscles and joints. Extra...