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Synthetic Cast Stockinet by 3M

Synthetic Cast Stockinet - Roll. Features: 3M Healthcare Synthetic Cast Stockinet is a fine knit, ribbed polyester stockinette that is an ideal component of a high-quality cast. It offers optimum...
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Infinity Splinting Material

The Infinity Splinting Material makes larger patterns easy to handle. The combination of plastic and rubber-like characteristics, with the controlled level of rigidity, allows for the fabrication of infinite types...
$47.03 $26.99
Lambs Wool, 4 OZ, Package - STN227
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Lamb's Wool 4 Oz by Steins Foot Specialties

The Lambs Wool cushions and separates toes.Product Specifications: • 100% natural wool.• Soft, gentle and breathable.• 4 oz. Package.
$12.34 $7.97
Healwell Soft Ease Heel Suspender, Multi AFO, Light Blue - FLA58240400
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HealWell Soft Ease Multi-AFO Heel Suspender Small / Medium by BSN Medical Inc

The Healwell Soft Ease Heel Suspender is designed to position the foot with the heel completely suspended, eliminating pressure and preventing ulcers. The unique shape allows the heel to float...
$82.25 $47.46
Heelift AFO, Smooth Foam - DMS102
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Ankle Foot Orthosis Boot, Smooth Foam by Heelift

The Heelift AFO, Smooth Foam combines the unparalleled heel suspension of the original Heelift Boot with an ankle-foot-orthosis design. Enjoy greater mobility and foot-drop protection without sacrificing quality heel pressure...
$130.97 $81.86
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FLEXI-WRAP Handle Only by Cramer

The Self-Adhering Flexi-Wrap makes wrapping a one-handed task, replaces elastic wraps, and provides compression.Product Specifications: • Patented, built-in handbrake on roller makes tearing easier.• Clear to allow inspection of injury.•...
$23.99 $23.50
Sleeq Extension - BBLSOEXT
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Sleeq Extension 54" to 62" by Roscoe Medical

The Sleeq Extension is compatible with all SLEEQ back braces, for all sizes.Product Specifications: • Lengthens any SLEEQ Spinal System brace• Waist circumference range of 54" to 62". • Each.
$49.25 $27.93
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Excel Splinting Material by Chesapeake Medical

The Excel Splinting Material maintains position where placed. Product Specifications: • Self sealing edges. • Controlled drapability. • Controlled stretch. • Controlled moldability. • Reduced fingerprints and marks.
$210.25 $105.61
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Delta Lite Plus Casting Tape by BSN Medical Inc

The Delta Lite Plus Casting Tape combines fiberglass substrate and an advanced water-activated polyurethane resin system, which provides low-tack properties. Low-tack properties allow easy application and molding using standard examination...
$99.87 $63.04