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Critic-Aid Clear Antifungal Ointment, 2 ozTube by Coloplast

Antifungal Critic-Aid Clear AF Ointment by Coloplast Inc. is used for the management of jock itch and the relief of itching, scaling, irritation, redness, and discomfort. This product is for...
$13.60 $8.13
Lubricating Jelly Vaseline - 43031401
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Vaseline Lubricating Jelly, 3.25 oz Tube by Covidien

Vaselline Lubricating Jelly by Kendall Company is a non-sterile, bland emollient dressing soothing ointment. Stable. Non-water soluble, topical lubricant. Ointment base for many therapeutical agents. This product is required to...
$3.05 $1.62
Preparation Hemorrhoid Relief Ointment 2 oz by Pfizer - 16271400
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Preparation H Hemorrhoid Relief Ointment, 2 oz Tube by Pfizer

Preparation H® Ointment relieves both internal and external hemorrhoidal symptoms. It temporarily shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissue and provides prompt, soothing relief from painful burning, itching and discomfort.Product Specifications:• Temporarily shrinks...
$36.52 $18.26
Healing Ointment Aquaphor - 63361400
ChiropracticsClinic Wound Care

Healing Ointment Aquaphor

By Independence Medical. Advanced healing for dry, cracked or irritated skin. Restores smooth, healthy skin. Temporarily protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked...
$16.90 $11.25
Ointment Calmoseptine - 7991400
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Skin Ointment

Skin Ointment by Calmoseptine Inc. contains menthol and zinc oxide, and is ideal to heal skin irritation caused by moisture stemming from urine, diarrhea, perspiration, wound drainage, feeding tube leakage,...
$10.77 $6.63
Antifungal Ointment Aloe Vesta - 40931400

Aloe Vesta Antifungal Ointment by Convatec

The Convatec Aloe Vesta Antifungal Ointment by Convatec that cures most superficial fungal infections but also providing a relief for many related discomforts to these infections. Aloe Vesta is petrolatum...
$21.25 $14.19
GoodSense® Medicated Chest Vaporub 3.5 oz - GDDVJ00000
ChiropracticsCough / Cold / Flu

Chest Rub 4.8% - 1.2% - 2.6% Strength Ointment 3.5 oz.

Medicated Chest Vaporub 3.5 oz. Features: Medicated Chest Rub emits soothing camphor vapors when applied to the skin. Use as a nasal decongestant, cough suppressant, and topical analgesic. Compare to...
$4.85 $2.95