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Leader Arthritis Pain Relief Acetaminophen Tablets by Cardinal Health

Pain and Fever - Leader Arthritis Pain Relief Tablets 650 mg , Acetaminophen USP.Product Specifications:• Pain reliever• Fever reducer• 50 COUNT / BOTTLE
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Leader Ibuprofen Tablets by Cardinal Health

Leader Ibuprofen Tablets. Featured Product: Leader® Ibuprofen Tablets, Brown, For Pain Relief/Fever Reducer Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains. Temporarily reduces fever.   Quantity: Bottle of 50. Bottle of 100....
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Leader Aspirin Chewable Tablets, 81 mg by Cardinal Health

Leader Aspirin Chewable Tablets 81 mg, (36 Count). Featured Product: Leader® Aspirin Chewable Tablets 36 Count, 81mg Low Dose Compares to Bayer Chewables   Flavor: Cherry Orange     Bottle....
GeriCare Pain Relie Acetaminophen 325 mg Tablet
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GeriCare Pain Relie Acetaminophen 325 mg Tablet - 100 - SP

Features Acetaminophen Tablets 325 mg Each Regular Strength Pain Reliever / Fever Reducer Compares to the active ingredient in Tylenol® Regular Strength tablets. Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex. Packaged:...
$3.25 $1.99
Pain Reliever, Bottle - 82102700
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Pain Relief Geri-Care 200 mg Strength Ibuprofen Tablet 100 per Bottle

The McKesson Pain Relief Tablet has an advanced formula with a pain relieving, fever reducing effect similar to that of other Ibuprofen tablets. This product is made with the active...
$31.58 $20.16
Pain/Fever Relief, Bottle - 95152700
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McKesson Naproxen Sodium Pain Relief, 220 mg Strength Tablet - Bottle of 50

Naproxen Sodium Tablets by McKesson are created to help relieve pain and fever.Product Specifications: • Active Ingredients: Naproxen Sodium.• Application: Pain Relief.• Dosage Form: Tablet.• Volume: 50 per Bottle.• Not Made...
$9.11 $5.77
Pain Relief Tablet 81 mg - Bottle - 21182700
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McKesson Aspirin Pain Relief, 81 mg Strength Tablet

The Pain Relief Tablet by McKesson is an enteric coated, low strength aspirin indicated for the relief of pain caused by headaches, muscular aches, backaches, minor arthritic pain, common colds,...
$3.35 $2.27
Pain Relief sunmark Tablet, Bottle - 14802700
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sunmark Enteric Coated Aspirin, 325 mg Strength Tablet by McKesson - Bottle of 125

sunmark Aspirin Tablets. 325 mg, Regular Strength. Enteric Coated. Temporarily relieves: headache, pain of colds, toothache pain, menstrual pain, muscle aches and pains, minor aches and pains of arthritis; temporarily...
$9.45 $6.76
Painaid Extra
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Painaid Extra

Pain Reliever PainAid Tablet 250 mg / 250 mg / 65 mg 12 Packets of 2 Tablets, 24 Tables in single dose packets. Box of 24 Tablets.
$3.24 $2.19