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3B Scientific Foot Massage Reflex Zone Chart - BBB161LAM
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3B Scientific Foot Massage Reflex Zone Chart - Singles

3B Scientific Foot Massage Reflex Zone Anatomical Charts render colorful and anatomically correct depictions of all the important zones for foot reflexology with every part clearly labed for reflex zone...
$39.32 $21.03
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Versa Pro Total Body Massager by Thumper Massager

The Versa Pro is a Professional-Strength Massager designed to tackle the muscles of your lower body. Use it on your feet, calves, quads and hamstrings, or turn it upright and...
$715.63 $373.04
Maxi Rub Foot Massager - BUC103
Orthopedic Foot MassageOrthopedic Supplies

Maxi Rub Foot Massager - Singles

Promotes blood flow and aids in the prevention of cramps. Widely used by people with diabetes and neuropathy.Product Specifications:•Can be used with or without shoes•Widely used by people with diabetes...
$590.94 $309.40
Jobar Foot Warmer and Massager - JIIJB7245
Orthopedic Foot MassageOrthopedic Supplies

Jobar Foot Warmer and Massager - Singles

Vibrating massage. Ideal for neck and back.Two reusable gel packs provide additional warmth.Product Specifications:•Durable Fleece•Two Reusable Gel Packs•Washable Cover• Relief for Tired FeetSize and Quantity:•Singles
$72.98 $38.75