Massage Cupping

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Silicone Cup Set - LHACUPSILSET

Silicone Cupping Set by Lhasa Oms Inc

Silicone Cup Set. These cups use a strong, extra-thick silicone designed with rounded rims for ease of handling and maximum suction. Due to their superior elasticity, these cups work well...
$75.99 $43.75
Plastic Cupping Set, Box - MNP10117C

Plastic Cupping Set by Marknew Products

By Marknew Products. Plastic Cupping Set Features: Jar Cupping Set Economical, lightweight and break-resistant plastic Each cup uses smooth release air-locking valves Set includes pistol grip hand pump and carrying...
$99.99 $52.49
Fire Cup Glass Jars, Set - LHA105S3

Fire Cupping Glass Jars Set by Lhasa Oms Inc

Fire Cup Glass Jars. Features: Full size flat top for safely resting cup after cleaning. Thick, heavy walled glass cups for use with traditional Chinese fire cupping techniques. Heat or...
$21.99 $11.25
Deluxe Plastic Cupping Set - LHA244

Deluxe 17 Piece Deluxe Plastic Cupping Set by Lhasa Oms Inc

Deluxe Plastic Cupping Set. Features: Replacing the popular EZ Plastic cup sets, this new cupping set contains plastic cups that are shock and heat resistant, which allows them to be...
$69.99 $45.25