Digestive and Nausea

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Stool Softener - 59002700
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Rugby Diocto Liquid Stool Softener by Major Pharmaceuticals

The Diocto Stool Softener by Rugby/Div. Of Watson is ideal for relieving occasional constipation in geriatric and other patients in order to improve bowel movements and decrease straining. This is...
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Betaine HCL, Caps - SC50-180
ChiropracticsDigestive and Nausea

Pharmax Betaine HCL Dietary Supplement Caps

Pharmax Betaine HCL gives your stomach the acidic boost it needs. Betaine HCL contains hydrochloric acid in the form of betain HCl‚ which is the only active ingredient in this...
$38.95 $24.60
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Nausea Relief - Bottle

Rugby Nausea Relief by Rugby/Div. Of Watson is used in the treatment and prevention of nausea, vomiting, and dizziness resulting from motion sickness. This antihistamine may also be used for...
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ChiropracticsDigestive and Nausea

Laxative Docusate Sodium / Sennosides by McKesson

The Senna Plus laxative abs by Mckesson is a natural vegetable laxative and stool softener. It increases water content for a better stool passage and alleviates occasional constipation.Product Specifications:•Standardized Senna...
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Anti-diarrheal Banatrol Plus, Case - 84702700
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Banatrol Banatrol Cranberry Oral Supplement, 5 Gram Individual Packet Powder by Medtrition

Clinically proven effective for all types of diarrhea. Not contraindicated for c-diff. Reduces polypharmacy.Product Specifications:• Clinically proven effective for all types of diarrhea• Not contraindicated for c-diff• Reduces polypharmacy• Aids...
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Antacid McKesson Brand, Bottle - 20002700

GeriCare Antacid, 12 oz by McKesson

McKesson Antacid provides relief of heartburn and indigestion produced by an excess of acid in the stomach. This product in particular contains both aluminum and magnesium, which makes it less...
Antacid GoodSense Lansoprazole 15 mg Strength Capsule by Geiss, Destin & Dunn - Box of 42 - 71032700

Antacid GoodSense Lansoprazole 15 mg Strength Capsule by Geiss, Destin & Dunn - Box of 42

Antacid GoodSense Lansoprazole. Features: Delayed-Release Capsule. Acid Reducer. Treats frequent heartburn. Compare to active ingredient of Prevacid24 HR. 15 mg Strength.   Box of 42.
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Fiber Supplement UniFiber Unflavored Powder
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Fiber Supplement UniFiber Unflavored Powder

Doctor recommended for relief of occasional constipation Unlike many other fiber supplements, UniFiber is an insoluble fiber Can be taken with other medications and vitamins without altering their effectiveness Can...
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Bismuth Subsalicylate Tab - 32742700
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Bismuth Subsalicylate Tab

Anti Diarrheal GoodSense Chewable Tablet 30 per Box
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