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CorPak Soft Comfort Hot & Cold by Core Products

Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack Frost-Free Hot and Cold Pack for Superior Relief Made in the USA and sized to fit nearly anywhere you need hot or cold therapy....
Back and AbdominalChiropractics

CorFit Lumbosacral Back Brace Support by Core Products

The CorFit System is the best designed lumbosacral support on the market. That’s no exaggeration but simply a truism based on the high quality of its durable components and construction,...
$31.49 $20.00
Chiropractic SpecialsChiropractics

MicroBeads Microwavable Moist Heat Packs by Core Products

MicroBeads™ Microwavable Moist Heat Pack Helps relieve pain Provides soothing moist heat therapy Soft plush fabric provides a soothing touch Drug Free Therapy Micro Beads are a natural and drug...
$23.25 $14.99
ChiropracticsClinic Pillows and Cushions

Therapeutica Cervical Sleeping Pillow by Core Products

Theraputica Cervical Sleeping Pillow Features: This pillow doesn’t look like what you would expect – that’s because it was designed by an Ergonomic Designer in consultation with a Doctor of...
$86.84 $68.99
ChiropracticsCore Products

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow by Core Products

Tri-Core® Cervical Pillow Helps Provide Proper Alignment of the Spine Our most requested fiber support pillow provides softer support and lasts longer than traditional pillows. The trapezoid-shaped center delivers great...
$58.25 $29.54
Beds and AccessoriesChiropractic Specials

Apex Cervical Orthosis

Apex Cervical Orthosis - New Adjustable Height Many activities in modern daily living place the head in a detrimental forward head posture. The Apex Cervical orthosis is an inexpensive and...
$30.27 $19.00
ChiropracticsCore Products

Swede-O Patella Strap OSFM

Applies gentle pressure to patella to reduce patellar subluxation and dislocation. A practical option for individuals suffering from patellofemoral pain (runner’s knee), Osgood-Schlatter disease or patellar tendinitis (jumper’s knee). High...
NelMed 4" Beige Knee Brace by Core Products
ChiropracticsCore Products

NelMed 4" Beige Knee Brace by Core Products

Nelmed Knee Wrap Superior Comfort for Prolonged Use The NelMed Knee Support is made of an extra heavy duty loop material that can withstand any kind of abuse. The Nelmed Knee Wrap...
$12.75 $10.99
Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager by Core Products - PRO-3401
ChiropracticsCore Products

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager by Core Products. Features: An Industry Standard for Professionals Making bodies feel better since 1966, the original Jeanie Rub delivers invigorating 1400 - 4600 rpm...
$276.75 $199.99