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Honeywell N95 Respirator BOX of 20
ChiropracticsClinic Personal Protection

Honeywell N95 Respirator BOX of 20

N95 Filtering Mask- . Features: BOX of 20 pieces Honeywell DC365 Surgical N95 Respirator Mask is an easy-to-don and doff, high-fluid-resistant surgical respirator designed for clinician satisfaction across the spectrum...
$38.56 $34.99
Face Shield - Standard Use
ChiropracticsClinic Personal Protection

Face Shield - Standard Use

Seal Tight Face Shield Full-Length Face Protection For protection from splashing or spraying Maximum visibility Not made with natural rubber latex Lightweight material Can be worn with or without glasses...
$41.63 $12.55
ChiropracticsClinic Personal Protection

Fluid-Resistant Isolation Gown One Size Fits Most Elastic Cuff by Mckesson

Features McKesson Isolation Gowns Size: Universal Yellow Full back Made of polypropylene. Long sleeves with elastic cuffs. Neck and waist ties help ensure snug fit. Unisex and unisize. Single Use...
$3.75 $2.50
Terry Towel Bib 25" x 16.5" by Drive Medical - RTL9101
ChiropracticsClinic Personal Protection

Drive Medical Lifestyle Terry Towel Bib 26" x 18"

Terry Towel Bib by Drive Medical. Features: White cotton terry with tie closure. Machine washable. 26" x 18". Retail packaged. Singles.
$34.75 $23.99
Sani-hands ALC Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipe by Nice Pak Products - PYP13472
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Hand Sanitizing Wipe Sani-Hands 20 Count Ethyl Alcohol Wipe Soft Pack

An ideal hand hygiene solution for staff, visitors, patients or residents who cannot get out of bed to clean their handss.Product Specifications:•Demonstrated 99.99% effective . Tested effective against 28 bacteria...
$21.36 $2.85
ChiropracticsClinic Personal Protection

Cardinal Health Gown with Ties - Package of 10

Cardinal Health Gown with Ties. Features: Tri-layer SMS fabric for increased fluid resistance. Each gown features a waist belt and elastic cuffs. Size, Color and Style: Universal, Blue Universal, Yellow,...
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Protective Poly Disposable Apron - Box of 100

Protective Poly Disposable Apron. Featured Product: Protective Poly Disposable Aprons are cost-efficient, disposable, latex-free. Convenient, pullover styling makes them quick and easy to remove.    Size & Style: 28" x...
ChiropracticsClinic Personal Protection

Lab Isolation Gown Tie Back Closure Knit Cuffs - Package of 10

Lab Isolation Gown Tie Back Closure Knit Cuffs. Features: ISO-Certified breathable fabric. Polypropylene spunbound fabric. Polyethylene exterior coating. Lint-free. Latex-free. Tie-Back closure, knit cuffs. Meets OSHA and ASHP technical guidelines...
ChiropracticsClinic Personal Protection

Exam Shorts, Case of 100 by BodyMed

Exam Shorts, Case of 100. Features: Ideal for medical testing, procedures, therapies and massage. Disposable for convenience and reduced linen costs. Made of soft, opaque non-woven material. Ultimate comfort and...