Upper Body

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ChiropracticsExercise Bands

Thera-Band Tubing, Roll

Thera-Band Tubing, Roll. Features: Ideal for programs that require tubing for progressive resistance. Proper use of these systems for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles,...
$125.65 $18.35
Cando Exerciser w/Pulley and Bracket - 50-1036

CanDo Over-Door Shoulder Pulley Exerciser by Fabrication Enterprises

CanDo Exerciser w/Pulley and Bracket. The CanDo Over-Door Shoulder Pulley Exerciser provides a convenient platform for resistance exercise that increases range of motion in the arms. Product Specifications • The...
$38.25 $12.25
Exercise Pulley Set - DMI437

Mabis DMI Exercise Pulley Set by Briggs Healthcare

Exercise Pulley Set by DMI comes with basic traction hardware that fits over the door. Uses two hand grips suspended on two metal pulleys.Product Specifications • Comes with basic traction...
$29.25 $14.11
Door Pulley Exercise Set - DMI196

Mabis DMI Over-the-Door Pulley System by Briggs Healthcare

Mabis DMI Healthcare Door Pulley Exercise Set This is a simple, yet effective home/office pulley system that helps increase range of motion in arms while stimulating muscles. It is applicable...
$25.25 $10.94

Harkin Technologies Deluxe Padded Loops, 28 inch Long Ankles With Clips

28" padded ankle cuffs for maximum comfort and controlMulti-plane training for upper and lower bodyAvailable in 5 resistance options.Product Specifications: • Multi-plane• Training for upper and lower body• Maximum comfort•...
$36.85 $25.16
Dura-Bell Urethane Dumbbell, 15 Lb, Pair - HAM11515LB
Benches and WeightsChiropractics

Dura-Bell Urethane Hexagon Dumbbells by Hampton Fitness - Pair

Dura Bells by Hampton Fitness feature a strong steel core wrapped in a superior coating of urethane to give you the perfect mix of durability and comfort. This urethane coating...
$89.88 $68.25
Cando Rolup Bars 10Lb - FAB20610
ChiropracticsFitness Supplies

Cando Rolup Bars 10Lb

Cando Rolup Bars 10Lb. Features: For use in performing upper- and lower-body exercises. Resistance can be increased by rotating the bar ("winding-up" the tubing) to shorten the length of the...
$79.25 $42.35
Kettlebell, 20Lbs - BDSKB20
Benches and WeightsChiropractics

Kettlebell, 20Lbs by Body Sport

Kettlebell. Features: Cast-iron kettlebell with vinyl coating. Used for strength training and are ideal for functional fitness. Exercise system features progressive weight increase in color-coded increments. Latex-free. 20 lbs. Color:...
$59.30 $37.06
Body Sport Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell 5Lbs - BDSRSDB05
Benches and WeightsChiropractics

Body Sport Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell 5Lbs

Body Sport Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell 5Lbs. Features: - The Body Sport Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbells are extremely durable and are designed to be banged around. They are made from...
$15.99 $8.77