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Harkin Technologies Deluxe Padded Loops, 28 inch Long Ankles With Clips

28" padded ankle cuffs for maximum comfort and controlMulti-plane training for upper and lower bodyAvailable in 5 resistance options.Product Specifications: • Multi-plane• Training for upper and lower body• Maximum comfort•...
$36.85 $25.16
Cando Rolup Bars 10Lb - FAB20610
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Cando Rolup Bars 10Lb

Cando Rolup Bars 10Lb. Features: For use in performing upper- and lower-body exercises. Resistance can be increased by rotating the bar ("winding-up" the tubing) to shorten the length of the...
$79.25 $42.35
Roscoe Medical Standard Pedal Exerciser
Cardio EquipmentChiropractics

Roscoe Medical Standard Pedal Exerciser

The Standard Pedal Exerciser is a safe and gentle form of low impact exercise. With adjustable tension, the pedal exerciser is ideal for toning leg and arm muscles as it...
$59.65 $47.01
EZC-6 EZ Cycle For Upper & Lower Body - MFT102
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EZ Easy Cycle Mini Bike by Yukon Fitness

Easy Cycle Mini Bike for Upper and Lower Body is a handy, portable and efficient way to get your aerobic workout and improve muscle strength in your legs, arms, shoulders...
$180.25 $103.11
Fabrication Enterprises Deluxe Pedal Exerciser - FAB140
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Fabrication Enterprises Deluxe Pedal Exerciser

Fabrication Enterprises Deluxe Pedal Exerciser. Features: 18 lbs.; lightweight design. Nonskid footpads with adjustable foot straps. Fully automatic, multifunctional electronic monitor. Quick dial-adjustable resistance. Bi-directional. LCD.   Singles.   **Special...
$210.02 $113.40
Cando Magneciser Pedal Exercisor Bi-Directional - FAB470
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Magneciser Bidirectional Pedal Exerciser by Fabrication Enterprises

Pedal exerciser offers ultra-quiet magnetic, bi-directional resistance. Use for upper body (hand pedaling) and lower body (foot pedaling) exercises. Each unit comes with a fully automatic 5-function digital LCD display,...
$370.27 $142.80