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ChiropracticsExercise Bands

CanDo Exercise Bands Latex-Free, 6 yd by Fabrication Enterprises

CanDo Exercise Band are most commonly prescribed exercise modality for rehabilitation, conditioning and training. Lightweight and highly portable band. Color-coded resistance levels. Can be used independently, or as part of...
$17.50 $10.15
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Body Sport Vinyl Dumbbell

Body Sport Vinyl Dumbbell, 1 Lb. Features: Tones and strengthens muscles, builds stamina and speeds up metabolic rate. Solid metal. Coated with vinyl. Easy to clean. Latex-free. Each.
ChiropracticsFitness Accessories

AbMat Abdominal Exerciser

Classic design offers comfort and safety to prevent injury. Isolates upper and lower abs, obliques and lower spine. Made of high-quality durable material that won't absorb sweat. Won't roll around...
ChiropracticsFitness Accessories

Bodyblade Classic Kit

Bodyblade Kit (each) is designed to improve strength, balance, coordination, proprioception, posture and core stabilization using low-level vibration and inertia (not gravity).Product Specifications•Designed to improve strength.•Balance.•Coordination.•Proprioception.•Posture.•Core stabilization using low-level vibration...
Therapist’s Choice Muscle Roller Massage Stick, 18" Long - Singles - Muscle Roller Massage Stick
ChiropracticsFitness Accessories

Therapist’s Choice Muscle Roller Massage Stick, 18" Long

Therapist’s Choice Muscle Roller Massage Stick. Features: Therapist's Choice Muscle Roller Massage Stick, 18' Long. Perfect for stretching, warm-up and cool-down, Yoga, Pilates, Self Myofascial Release (SMR) and physical therapy,...
$17.25 $10.25
Dura-Bell Urethane Dumbbell, 15 Lb, Pair - HAM11515LB
Benches and WeightsChiropractics

Dura-Bell Urethane Hexagon Dumbbells by Hampton Fitness - Pair

Dura Bells by Hampton Fitness feature a strong steel core wrapped in a superior coating of urethane to give you the perfect mix of durability and comfort. This urethane coating...
$89.88 $68.25
ChiropracticsExercise Bands

Sup-R-Band 6 yd, Latex-Free by Fabrication Enterprises

CanDo Sup-R Band 6 Yards Product Specifications• No Latex.• Ideal for rehabilitation and exercises• Each
$25.25 $9.35
Benches and WeightsChiropractics

Body Sport Kettlebells by BodyMed

Kettlebells Features Kettlebells in bright colors with super-thick handles. Cast-iron kettlebell with vinyl coating. Sold individually. Used for strength training and are ideal for functional fitness. Color-coded weight graduations. Individual...
Cando Band Pep Pack, Set - FAB410H
ChiropracticsExercise Bands

CanDo Band PEP Pack by Fabrication Enterprises

CanDo Band Pep Pack can be used for a complete progressive resistance exercise program. Each PEP pack comes with three different 4-foot bands and an illustrated instruction/exercise chart. Bands are...
$19.25 $11.34