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Duro-Med Lumbar Back Support, Half Roll - DMI503
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Duro-Med Lumbar Back Support Half Roll

The Duro-Med Lumbar Back Support Half Roll provides comfort and back support. Product Specifications: •Attaches and stays in place with elastic strap. Size and Quantity: •10 - 3/4" x 2...
$18.99 $10.41
Back Vitalizer Ergonomic Positioning Cushion by Perspectis
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Back Vitalizer Ergonomic Positioning Cushion by Perspectis

The Back Vitalizer Ergonomic Positioning Cushion/Pillow is 5-in-1 proprioceptive therapy device that provides the combined benefits of a neuromuscular stimulator, a custom lumbar support, a posture positioning device, a balance...
$56.44 $37.63
Back Vitalizer, Executive Sleeve - PSP101
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Perspectis Back Vitalizer Executive Sleeve

The Back Vitalizer Executive Sleeve features premium eco-friendly polyurethane leather.Product Specifications:• Belt: strong 1.5" elastic band. • Buckle: Secure quick-release buckle. • Cleaning: Wipe with damp cloth.• Each.
$22.60 $15.06
Imak Back Cushion with Ergopressure Technology
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Imak Back Cushion with Ergopressure Technology

The Back Cushion with Ergopressure Technology offers superior comfort and lumbar support. The unique design hugs the back to help improve posture and reduce stress. It features magnets embedded in...
$33.30 $26.99
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Contour Lumbar Cushions Bucket Seats

Contour Lumbar Cushions Bucket Seats. Features: Contour Lumbar Cushions For Bucket Seats. Without Straps. Color and Style: Each,Black. Each,Grey. Each,Navy. Each,Standard,Black. Each,Standard,Navy. Each,Standard,Grey.
$19.46 $12.16
Lumbar Cushion - 8083
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Drive Medical Lumbar Cushion

The Drive Medical Lumbar Cushion is designed to offer comfort and positioning for home, office or in the car.Product Specifications: •Made from molded foam.•Cloth cover with elastic straps.•Portable.•Cover material: Strylon...
$40.25 $25.75
Air-Lift Cushion - SKC756210
Back SupportsChiropractics

Air-Lift Cushion

Air-Lift Cushion. Features: Anti-bacterial vinyl covering. Heat sealed construction. Comes pre-inflated. Easy to inflate or deflate. Wipe clean vinyl material. Lightweight. Dimensions: 17" X 17". Each.
$63.60 $32.03
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Relaxo-Bak Original

Relaxo-Bak Original has a unique design eliminates pressure from the base of the spine (tailbone) to effectively relieve pressure and discomfort on the back. Portable, lightweight construction. Product Specifications•Unique design...
$26.20 $16.38
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Bi-Foam Lumbar Pillow

The Bi-Foam Lumbar Pillow provides enhanced lumbar support. Product Specifications: •Designed with elastic strap to attach to the BetterBack or Leanon.Size and Quantity: •12" x 5" x 2". •Each, Black....
$41.71 $28.21