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AB Contour Cervical Pillow Satin by Core Products

The AB Contour Pillow is designed to provide comfortable support for an aching neck and shoulders. The unique contour design of the AB Contour Pillow helps support your neck in...
$41.36 $39.50
Abduction Wedge With Strap - ALI95264
Beds and AccessoriesChiropractics

Abduction Wedge With Strap 22" X 14.5" X 7" by Alimed

Wedge or pillow with ultrasoft hook-and-loop straps. Fire-resistant foam (CAL 117). Abduction Wedge comes in three different finishes: Wedge w/Antimicrobial Agent is seamless with built-in Agion® antimicrobial odor control for...
$150.21 $91.69
Beds and AccessoriesChiropractics

Absolute Cushion, Polyurethane Foam by Invacare Corporation

Absolute Cushion, Polyurethane Foam. Features: For individuals with mild to moderate seating needs, the Invacare Absolute Cushion (EC) offers simple, but highly functional solutions. This cushion is designed to provide...
Air Core Adjustable Pillow - COR488
Beds and AccessoriesChiropractics

Air Core Adjustable Cervical Pillow by Core Products

Our popular Tri-Core pillow with convenient air pump adjustability. Our popular Tri-Core pillow with convenient air pump adjustability. Increase support with the squeeze of a pump. The second lobe provides...
$98.75 $60.64
Air-Lift Cushion - SKC756210
Back SupportsChiropractics

Air-Lift Cushion

Air-Lift Cushion. Features: Anti-bacterial vinyl covering. Heat sealed construction. Comes pre-inflated. Easy to inflate or deflate. Wipe clean vinyl material. Lightweight. Dimensions: 17" X 17". Each.
$63.60 $32.03
Beds and AccessoriesChiropractic Specials

Apex Cervical Orthosis

Apex Cervical Orthosis - New Adjustable Height Many activities in modern daily living place the head in a detrimental forward head posture. The Apex Cervical orthosis is an inexpensive and...
$30.27 $19.00
Bariatric Gel Cushion 18" x 24" x 4" 700 lb Weight Capacity - HFWC559102
Beds and AccessoriesChiropractics

Bariatric Gel Cushion 18" x 24" x 4" 700 lb Weight Capacity by Hermell Products

Bariatric Gel Cushion 18" x 24" x 4" 700 lb Weight Capacity. Features: Our largest of the bariatric family measuring a 24" width provides user with superior stability from 2...
$100.99 $58.79
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Basic Cervical Pillow by Core Products

It’s basic, it’s economical, and it works. Core’s most economical foam cervical pillow. Designed to support your neck in its most natural position, the Basic Cervical Pillow conforms to the...
$42.49 $20.99
Beds and AccessoriesChiropractics

Basic Support Foam Cervical Pillow

The Basic Support Pillow helps relieve tension, headaches, and neck pain by helping restore the natural curve of the neck. This pillow is our most economically priced, full-size precision cut...
$75.25 $45.00