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Plastic Shoe Horn - ZZRADL014
Daily Living AidsDressing Aids

24" Plastic Shoe Horn by BodyMed

The BodyMed Plastic Shoe Horn makes it easy to insert and remove from shoe. Product Specifications: •Coated steel shoe horn with 6" nonslip plastic handle.•Slight curve.•24". •Each.
$6.75 $4.49
26" Reacher With Magnetic Tip,Kit. - PAS16H040
Daily Living AidsDressing Aids

26" Reacher With Magnetic Tip - Kit.

The 26" Reacher With Magnetic Tip weighs only (6oz). Product Specifications: •Supplied with magnetic tip for picking up pins, coins, etc.Size and Quantity: •190 grams.•Kit of 25.
$20.45 $12.44
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ADL Hip / Knee Equipment Kit FabLife

The Hip Replacement Kit is equipped with several mobility aids aimed at helping post-hip, knee, or back replacement surgery patients, people with limited mobility, lower body injuries, arthritis or joint...
$33.26 $30.00
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Aluminum Reacher with Magnet by BodyMed

BodyMed Regular Aluminum Reacher by BodyMed is a grabber made from aluminum to be both strong and extremely lightweight. Features a serrated jaw that grabs and clamps objects securely against...
DMI Button Aid / Zipper Pull - DMI64081040021
Daily Living AidsDressing Aids

Button Aid/ Zipper Pull by Briggs Healthcare

DMI Button Aid / Zipper Pull by Briggs Healthcare will help you button your buttoned-down shirt, and zip up your coat. Recommended for those with limited dexterity or use of...
$9.96 $6.13
Good Grips Button Hook - NOR28667
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Button Hook by Good Grips

The Good Grips Button Hook has a cushioned handle with flexible ribbing that is easy for arthritic hands to grip. Simply hook the wire end over button and pull through...
$12.82 $7.59
Dressing Stick - MDK126
Daily Living AidsDressing Aids

Combination Dressing Stick & Shoehorn 24" by Maddak Inc

Dressing Stick by Maddak Inc. essential for anyone who has difficulty bending, a limited range of movement or the use of only one arm or hand. A plastic coated combination...
$15.87 $9.86
Complete Hip Replacement Kit With Round Sponge - MRCM110813
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Complete Hip Replacement Kit 26" by Mercer County Rehab Supply

This rehab Pak includes all the items needed to function after a total hip replacement. These items will help to keep the patient’s hip in the properly abducted position. Hip...
$53.15 $42.50
Regular Aluminum Reacher - ZZRADL007
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Deluxe Aluminum Reacher with Magnet & Post 26" by BodyMed

BodyMed Regular Aluminum Reacher by BodyMed is a reacher, also known as grabber, made from durable, lightweight aluminum with Magnet and a Post to Pull Item Closer. The hand trigger...
$12.47 $7.36